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Coin Stories – Treasure Hunts – Elmira New York

Coin Stories – Treasure Hunts – Elmira New York

Silver Quarters – Coin Stories – Elmira NY


One of the great things about coins is the stories behind them. I once got a call from a lady in Elmira NY who told us that she wanted to sell  silver quarters that she recently “found.” So, I booked an appointment with her, and we met at her office for an appraisal. She had about 500 silver quarters, all laid out on the table. They were all Silver Washington Quarters from 1950 – 1964. After some small talk I asked her what she meant when she said she had “found the coins.”

She said she recently bought a piano at a garage sale and had hired a piano tuner to come tune and check out the piano in her home.  About five minutes into the tuning, she and the piano tuner kept hearing this annoying buzzing sound coming from the piano. They looked over the whole outside of the piano to see if anything was loose and rattling, but found nothing wrong. The piano tuner thought that the rattling might be coming from inside the piano, so he started to take some of the parts off of the piano to get inside. As he removed the panel from the bottom of the piano, he discovered that there were “four long lumpy looking socks” inside the very bottom of the piano. The owner of the piano pulled them out one at a time, and found that they were heavy. She emptied the contents out of each sock, surprised to find that each one contained loads of old silver quarters!

What an amazing story… but wait, it gets better. I had to ask: “What did you pay for the piano???” It turns out she had only paid $50 for it, Wow! We ended up paying her $2,300 for what she found inside!

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